seat1 W1S2 [si:t] n
1¦(place to sit)¦
2¦(official position)¦
3¦(part of a chair)¦
4 baby/child/car seat
5 seat of government/power
6 seat of learning
8 take a back seat (to somebody/something)
9 on the edge of your seat
10 do something by the seat of your pants
11 in the driving seat
12 in the hot seat
[Date: 1100-1200; : Old Norse; Origin: sAti]
1.) ¦(PLACE TO SIT)¦
a place where you can sit, especially one in a vehicle or one from which you watch a performance, sports event etc
I was in the back seat and Jo was driving.
People were shifting in their seats, looking uncomfortable.
He requested a window seat for the flight.
There were no empty seats .
It was a great concert, and I had a front-row seat .
We're a long way from the stage, but they were the best seats I could get.
Please take a seat .
You can book seats online.
He is an actor who will put bums on seats .
a 10,000-seat stadium
a position as an elected member of a government, or as a member of a group that makes official decisions
seat in/on
a seat in the National Assembly
Promotion would mean a seat on the board of directors.
Parliamentary/Senate etc seat
the Senate seat for Colorado
win/lose etc a seat
(=in an election)
He predicts that his party will gain at least 12 seats .
Mr Adams is expected to keep his seat .
Labour held the seat with a 7% majority.
safe seat
BrE (=one that a party will not lose)
marginal seat
BrE (=one that another party might easily win)
3.) ¦(PART OF A CHAIR)¦ [C usually singular]
the flat part of a chair etc that you sit on
Don't put your feet on the seat!
a wooden toilet seat
a broken bicycle seat
4.) baby/child/car seat
a special seat that you put in a car for a baby or small child
5.) seat of government/power
formal a city where a country's government is based
6.) seat of learning
formal a university, college etc
7.) ¦(CLOTHES)¦ [singular]
the part of your trousers that you sit on
seat of
a rip in the seat of his jeans
8.) take a back seat (to sb/sth)
to have less influence or importance
Foreign policy will take a back seat to domestic problems for a while.
9.) on the edge of your seat
waiting excitedly to see what happens next
a gripping movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat
10.) do sth by the seat of your pants
to do something by using only your own skill and experience, without any help from anyone or anything else, especially when this is risky or dangerous
11.) in the driving seat
BrE in the driver's seat AmE
controlling what happens in a situation, organization, or relationship
We're trying to put young people in the driving seat .
12.) in the hot seat also on the hot seat AmE informal in a difficult position where you have to make important decisions, answer questions etc
13.) ¦(HOUSE)¦
a home of a rich important family in the countryside
family/country seat
back-seat driver atback seat, ↑window seat
COLLOCATES for sense 1
back/rear/front seat (=the back or front seat in a car)
driver's seat
passenger seat (=the seat next to the driver's seat in a car)
window/aisle seat (=a seat next to the window oraisle , for example on a plane)
empty/vacant seat
front-row seat (=in a theatre, sports ground etc)
good seat (=one from which you can see well)
ringside seat (=a seat in the front row for a sports event, especially aboxing match)
have/take a seat
show somebody to their seat
book/reserve a seat
bums on seats British English informal (=used for talking about the number of people who go to an event, especially if this is a lot of people)
seat 2
seat2 v [T]
1.) [not in progressive]
if a place seats a number of people, it has enough seats for that number
The arena seats 60,000.
2.) formal seat yourself (in/on/beside etc sth)
to sit down somewhere
She seated herself at her desk.
see usage notesit
3.) to arrange for someone to sit somewhere
seat sb beside/near etc sb/sth
the old custom of seating boys and girls on opposite sides of the classroom

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.


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